The Selfie Stop is a "booth less" photo spot for your guests to have the opportunity to take a picture with professional lighting and fun props. There is no booth to climb inside. No curtains to close. No cramming to get everyone in a tiny space. The open air concept allows more people (up to 15 per shot) and loads more fun!

Your guests can see themselves on our large live-view touchscreen and the on-screen instructions are simple and easy to follow. Our friendly attendants will be there for every snap of the shutter to make sure that everyone is having a good time and our props and backdrops are top-of-the-line. The Selfie Stop can also take "green screen" pictures and so much more! Dozens of features help make each event unique.

SS Template Collage.jpg

We customize a template just for you with your logo and text, then we let the printer do the rest! Instant printing allows your guests to go home with a frame worthy party favor! The Selfie Stop can print 4 x 6 "postcards" or 2 x 6 photo strips with anywhere from one to five pictures per print. Whichever options you choose, physical copies ensure that your event will be remembered fondly by your guests.


Your guests will be having so much fun they will definitely want to upload, tweet and text their pics right away! With our social media options, they can instantly let their friends know how much fun they're having! Digital images can be uploaded directly to Facebook and Twitter from The Selfie Stop or sent as a text message to any cell phone for sharing on the social media site of their choice. Here at The Selfie Stop we are all about options! And for our corporate clients, The Selfie Stop is a quick and easy way to increase your brand's reach through your loyal customer base.