Several years ago - as the owners of Buie Photography - we began to notice that many of our clients were creating spaces at their wedding receptions and business events for their guests to take pictures of themselves with their cell phones - the now famous "selfies." Some of them had fun props and some had cute backgrounds and some had both. Naturally, our first thought was, "That looks like a lot of fun!" We immediately began to work on a way in which we could be involved with this type of unscripted, relaxed photography. We kept the basic concept of fun, got rid of the cell phone, threw in a professional grade DSLR camera and lighting, added some cool props and backdrops . . . And The Selfie Stop was born! Since day one, The Selfie Stop has continued to grow, surprising us at every turn with all of the different ways in which we can help our clients create happy guests. Our guiding principle has always been to provide our clients with high quality photography in a fun environment, while simultaneously easing the stress that can come with event planning. We work very hard to be a completely turnkey attraction for any event and we will work very hard to make your event something everyone will remember.